Break Free from “Groundhog Day” Life

No one told me before having kids that life can be suspiciously like the movie Groundhog Day. Remember that one where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over?

In the parenting realm, I refer to that feeling as “the constant buttoning and unbuttoning.” Always the same chores, to-do’s, activities, errands, etc. And the great majority of these events are for the benefit of others.

Yes – these things need to get done to run our homes smoothly.


I say let’s try to shake it up a bit.

Inject some time for an activity for you within all that buttoning and unbuttoning.

If you have to physically put it on your to-do list because that’s how you roll best, then do it.

If you are a bit more spontaneous, then just do it.

Either way, break out of the “groundhog day” schedule and connect with your own magic.

Whatever you decide to do there is only one rule…


Whatever you decide, whatever length of time, just do it for you.

Treat yourself to time with yourself and really figure out the answer to this question…


Once you know, make time for that every day.

Enhance your connection with yourself and see how it enhances your connections with everything and everyone else.

I’m here to help you do this.

It’s important work.

Let’s get started NOW.

Time is a tickin’…


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