Full Schedule– Full Heart?

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Do you have a full schedule but not a full heart?

Rob Bell asks this question in his book titled: How to Be Here.

In this day and age of parenting, I feel we stay-at-home-moms put a lot of pressure on ourselves to somehow ensure that our kid’s time is filled with stimulating, educational experiences and exposure to any and every possible passion.

Sometimes it can feel like “resume building” for our kids. As if somehow if they didn’t have all of this exposure, they will fall behind, be left out, become shiftless drug addicts and absolute zeros later in life.

We moms can think, and like to think, we have the power to produce a future for our kids, one that is filled with nothing but achievements, physical prowess, popularity, success and happiness.

But here’ the ugly truth… we do not have control over our kid’s future.

What we can control is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

We can be more focused on the present, this moment.

Instead of crowding schedules with a myriad of activities and commitments available (and there are so many available!) that can make us moms feel frazzled; we can see what kind of schedule works for us and our kids.

And maybe, just maybe, that schedule is not as full as it is now.

Instead of ensuring the kids get all the enrichment (and maybe too much of it), we can shift some of that time and commitment to our own enrichment.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and see if you have a full heart.

And if you don’t… what actions do you want to take for yourself to fill it?


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