Great Expectations… Or Not…

To all my BOLD Moms out there – tell me if you did this…

Once you found out you were pregnant, you immediately thought of all the amazingly touching moments you were going to share with your daughter.

(Let’s face it – the great majority of us automatically thought we would have girls. I chalk it up to familiarity. We all know what it was like growing up as one.)

We all played that montage of greatest mother/daughter hits in our minds.

Future pedicures together, clothes shopping, watching The Sound of Music, (insert your own super touching/fun/loving moments here).

We have this purely positive picturesque vision of how this motherhood thang is all going to play out.

Then reality hits.

For those of us with boys – that reality shifts everything in a hot sonogram-second.

What the heck will this be like?

Even so, gender of offspring aside, I still had a definite roadmap of how my son would behave.

That he’d be like me and not have any real challenges in school….


That he’d be a loving older brother when younger brother came along…


That he’d be a coordinated athlete that would enjoy team sports…

Not even close.

These differences were hard for me to accept. It was hard for me to settle into what the real motherhood movie for me was going to be.

I was fighting against what was real which caused unhappiness, anxiety, guilt, helplessness – you name it.

With life coaching, I’ve been able to achieve the most glorious of emotions – acceptance.

Acceptance of the person my son is, not what I thought he’d be or even what I wanted him to be.

I see him for who he is and that acceptance had made the difference in our relationship.

It has been a challenge to achieve – not gonna sugar coat it.

I work on it every day.

But the muscle memory is improving. It is becoming easier.

I’m operating on a much better level for me and things are flat out better.

I can help you do the same….

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