Kids Are Not Robots…But Sometimes We Wish They Were

Don’t you just love it when things just work as they are supposed to?

In our present-day technology-run lives, there are loads of things that just work.

The dishwasher, the washing machine, the car, our iPhones.

It’s always better when the performance of something matches our expectations.

Wouldn’t parenting be a piece of cake if kids operated with the same efficiency?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just program them to behave as we would like?

We could program them to:
o Be kind
o Handle their frustrations
o Be willing to work hard, follow through and excel in anything they chose to try
o Listen to everything we say and follow directions the first time
o (Insert any and all dream qualities, characteristics and behaviors here)

Alas… we all know kids aren’t programmable things.

They are their own beings.

Even though we may have shared our bodies and gave them life, they are separate from us.

And yet, we can still feel so utterly responsible for every move they make, thought in their head and emotion they experience.

Like some kind of parent puppet master.

Actually, we are lucky they aren’t robots or puppets.

This is good news!

We can give ourselves a break, relax and enjoy some of this childhood stuff without such a huge side dish of anxiety and worry.

Instead of robots, kids are like football players.

We may be the coaches that have created the expectations, run the practice drills, helped them prepare as best as we can.

But on game day – they are in charge, not us.

We are on the sidelines – calling in plays.

But most of the time they are calling an audible on the fly. (And audible is a call the quarterback calls on the field that is different than what the coach has told him to use – for my non-football analogy friends out there.)

They are on the field of life, playing their game.

We are allowed to do the same on our field, in our game.

What plays do we want to call for ourselves?

What program do we want to create for ourselves to follow?

I can help you create your playbook for what’s next.

Let’s do this…

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