Are you REALLY OK?

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“Everything will be OK once you are OK with EVERYTHING.” – Michael Singer


This. Is. HUGE.

I read this quote and immediately thought about the challenges specific to motherhood.

This quote challenges us moms to decide to be OK with EVERYTHING when we know our motherhood instinct  =  I need to control things in my child’s life for him to:

have a life I WANT him to have…

for him to behave the way I WANT…

for him to be happy and satisfied as I WANT him to be.

If I can shift my thinking to understand…

FIRST: I cannot control these things for my son

SECOND: that I’ve given him life and now he has to live it

And finally, the BIGGIE…

If I THINK and FEEL that I’m ok with EVERYTHING and ACCEPT my kid for who he is (with his own set of characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, etc.) then:

my thoughts will be ok…

and I will feel ok…

and I will act from a place of ok…

I will not parent from a place of fear or desire for anything outside of my control (which is A LOT) to be any different than it is.

That doesn’t mean I can’t help guide my son on his journey…

It DOES mean that I must NOTICE his journey is his and not mine and it will be different.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have expectations.

That doesn’t mean I don’t help him develop the character traits I feel are important foundations to develop.


It DOES mean that I feel calm and acceptance and radiate that to my son so that we can move through life’s events in a way that is enjoyable, less stressful, more open and MORE FUN.

Because once you accept and warm up to the fact that…

There is so much in life outside of your control

Everything and everyone outside of your mind is outside of your control

You are merely sitting on a planet spinning in infinite space

Everything is temporary… even THIS (insert your “THIS” – it can be great or garbage, but what your “THIS” is is TEMPORARY – your “THIS” too shall pass)

Once you accept these facts, you are FREE to enjoy (or at least not suffer):

each moment in life…

each moment in motherhood…

because you are FREE from the FEAR and PRESSURE to make your “THIS” something it isn’t.

You’ll learn to accept life’s events, motherhood events, as events that happened during this short time that is our life.

And this acceptance will make all the difference between enduring life or BOLDLY enjoying life.

Are you looking to be OK with EVERYTHING?

I can help.

Contact me and let’s get started.


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