Nourish is the New Self-Care

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I was talking to my BOLD friend Susan the other day.

She was sharing her goal for  herself.

It was all about NOURISHING herself.


She was intent on:

• Eating NOURSHING foods

• Spending time on NOURISHING activities

• Enhancing and NOURISHING her connections

I just love that word – NOURISH

I decided I wanted to commandeer that word.

I wanted to use that – NOURISH – instead of the sometimes over-played “Self-Care” phrase.

I like using NOURISH for lots of reasons.




Maybe it just me, but “Self-Care” can come off as selfish… especially to us Moms and women in general who can find it hard to focus on ourselves.

We tend to have baggage – like a huge “check-in size only – probably over 50 lbs. so you have to pay extra “– bag of GUILT that we pack along with the concept of “Self-care”.




What is the downside of it?


Malnourished is a universal undesirable thing, right? So being NOURISHED is only good for us


Along that note….




We want to serve nourishing foods to our kids (and hopefully ourselves) right?


NOURISH is used a lot in health product advertising for a reason.


We think it is good for us.


So, by using a word (NOURISH) that we already have positive and healthy meanings associated with it – it makes it easier to want to do this for ourselves.


NOURISH still serves YOU.



It reminds you that you need to do this FOR YOURSELF and that it is IMPORTANT – I would argue ESSENTIAL – in order to be your best BOLD self.

We as Moms try to teach our kids to NOURISH themselves before starting their day.

The same goes for us. (At least it SHOULD! If it isn’t – let’s start NOW).

Using this word (NOURISH) in lieu of “Self-Care” makes the action of NOURISHING yourself necessary and a daily requirement…. Because it IS!

NOURISHING yourself is NOT for when you happen to find the time in your busy schedule to do it, or when it is convenient for you (and your family).

You need to NOURISH yourself ….



So…. Now that we are all going to NOURISH ourselves – where and in what ways do you want to do it?

Is it through…

• Creating space, time and intention of finding what is NOURISHING to you?

• Choosing to eat NOURISHING foods regularly (and being intent on when you wish to have a treat?)

• Choosing with NOURSHING intentions the  commitments you choose to make and keep?

• Choosing the amount of time you’ll devote to NOURISHING your important connections?

• Choosing to pursue NOURISHING personal growth and development for yourself?

• Taking time to repair and NOURISH your connections that are fraying or have been lost?

• Letting go of relationships or activities that are draining in order to make room for NOURISHING ones?

I thank my amazingly-wise friend Susan (You’d love her – she’s obviously our people) for introducing me to NOURISH.

Let us BOLD Moms start using NOURISH instead of “Self-Care”.


It’s all the good stuff without any side dish of guilt!


If you are looking for a way to NOURISH yourself this year – BOLD Mom mentoring is one way to do it. Contact me and let’s get started.

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