Reluctant Rollercoaster Ride

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Do you ever feel like you are an unwilling passenger on your kids’ developmental rollercoaster ride?

Do you feel each of their emotional highs and frustrating lows?

Our kids’ brains and bodies are in a constant state of growth and change.


All that change brings such extreme highs and lows that they then spew forth out into their environment and everyone within earshot.

And who is smack dab in the middle of this emotional fallout?


You are, mom.


The natural reaction is to fight irrational with irrational.


Fight frustration with frustration.


Fight crazy with crazy.


The good news?


As adults, our brains are fully-formed.


We have faster control over our reactions and emotions.


At least we have the capability.


Now we just need to learn the tools, practice and make it second nature through muscle memory.


Step off your child’s emotional rollercoaster.


That’s their ride, not yours.


Have your feet and emotions planted firmly on stable ground.


Operate from a place of peace and calm.


Calm is contagious.


Your kids will feel it and react accordingly.


I’m here to give you the tools and the support you need to harness the calm.


It’s the work that leads you back to your best self.


Let’s do this.


Contact me.

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