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Did you ever have a major “HOLY SH!@T – OF COURSE! AHA MOMENT that would even impress Oprah?

I’m pretty sure I had one of those the other day.

I was talking with one of my fellow BOLD MOM sistahs and reverse-engineered this WHOLE Motherhood thang.

If we think long term – where we hope:

Our kids’ lives are filled with happiness


That they are satisfied with their life choices

And where WE have:

Our own flourishing lives, marriages, partnerships and connections with friends and family


Positive and healthy connections with our adult-aged children

If this is the end goal, we can reverse-engineer this motherhood journey, analyzing the steps in reverse order that need to happen in order to end up in that sought-after future nirvana.

Ever read that book – Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)?

Habit number 2 is BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.

This is where we apply this habit to motherhood. The END we need to keep in mind helps us to make the necessary steps to get us there.

I think its important to mention that before you figure out what your END GOAL is – it would be wise to take some private time and really analyze what is important to you.

You need to figure out if you’ve been focused on the long term or the short game.

Here’s a helpful guide…


  • Material possessions
  • Keeping up with the Jones’
  • Keeping up with the Jones’ kids
  • Getting the most Facebook likes
  • Having a full schedule


  • Reconnecting with yourself and your passions
  • Accepting your kids for who they are and helping them to accept themselves
  • Leaving room in the schedule for downtime
  • Helping develop independence, resiliency and citizenship

Now that we’ve got a handle on long term vs. short game and that our END IN MIND is in alignment with the LONG-TERM PURSUITS… we can start to work backwards to chart our course so that we will arrive at our destination.

It’s like a motherhood GPS.

SO: If having healthy, happy and satisfied kids is your end game…

Then THAT means…

our kids have been encouraged to pursue and build their life in accordance with their gifts, goals and passions.

If THAT has happened, then THAT means…

Our kids have received the message that pursuing their passions and devoting the time, work and effort necessary to achieve those goals is supported and worthwhile.

If THAT has happened, then THAT means…

As Mom, I have believed that my kids’ gifts, passions and path is ultimately theirs to decide, develop and pursue.

If THAT has happened, then THAT means…

As Mom, I have been comfortable and have accepted my kids for who they are – (strengths, weaknesses, personality – the WHOLE package).

I have outwardly shown my acceptance of THEIR path – not the path that I may have in my head as to what I’d prefer they do or think is the safe / right thing for them to do.

If THAT has happened, then THAT means…

I have been confident in myself, as a person who is also a Mom, NOT to be influenced by what society or the main stream is claiming is the only path to success.

I have understood that “success” can be defined in many different ways – customized by the person pursuing it – as to what it means to them.

This self-confidence has helped me to see my kids as the individuals they are.

This self-confidence has helped me understand that I gave them life, but they have to live it.

If THAT has happened, then THAT means…

I’ve developed this fortified level of self confidence by valuing myself as an INDIVIDUAL FIRST.

I’ve worked to reconnect with myself and have understood that building my self-confidence up is not only an amazing model for my kids to follow, but will serve me to connect with the best version of myself – my BOLD AS F@!K self!

If THAT has happened, then THAT means…

It has all started HERE – at SQUARE ONE, with you, Mom.

It starts with you building your self-confidence by connecting with yourself, your passions and your gifts.

It starts by not feeling guilty to make the necessary trade-offs in your current schedule and financial choices to build your strong personal foundation.

It starts by doing the work to craft your mindset and your thoughts to pursue what you need to build your BOLD AS F@!K self.

It all starts here… at SQUARE ONE.

Contact me.

I’m here to help.




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