Volunteering is Voluntary

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In today’s schools, especially at the elementary level, there are so many opportunities for parents to volunteer.

From helping…

in the classroom,

leading art classes,

making copies,

working as yard duties and crossing guards

to planning …

elaborate class parties,

staff appreciation lunches

and school-wide ice cream socials,

There is no shortage of jobs for us moms to do.

It is not a question of IF there is a way to volunteer our time.


I ask the question is it okay NOT to volunteer?


And the answer is YES.


Trust me, there are other folks who are looking to volunteer.


They have the desire and have made the choice to spend some of their time doing so.

And that is GREAT…for them.

If, however, you feel like you are REQUIRED to volunteer…


If, for some reason, you feel you’ll let your kids, your school or your community down if you don’t…

Well that’s something else entirely.

That’s feeling pressure to do something that is by definition voluntary.

Therefore, no pressure should be applied.

If you’d rather use that precious time to focus on yourself, to achieve your personal goals, to do what you wish to do for you, then you are allowed and encouraged to make that choice.

And it is a choice you make for yourself.

Don’t you support your kiddos at every other time during the day?

Don’t you…

Make sure they have been bathed, fed, clothed and prepared to go to school prior to getting them safely to school?

Provide them safe passage back home?

Give them an after school snack if they need one?

Provide a quiet area for them to do homework?

Help them if they have questions?

Provide transportation to and from their afterschool activities if they have them?

Provide dinner, a warm bed and a kiss goodnight at the end of the day?

Don’t you think you do enough to deserve and reserve that time during the school day for what YOU want to do?

And if it is your choice to volunteer at school – wonderful!

I hope you’ve made that choice because it is truly what you’d like to spend your priceless and precious time doing.


For the rest of us…


Please release any guilt or pressure about making that choice.


It is a choice.


What other choices are there to be made?



I’m here to help you make the right choice for you.

Contact me.


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