Compare and Despair

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“Who ‘THEY’ are isn’t interesting.

Who are you constantly holding your life up to, using “THEIR” apparent ease and success as an excuse to hold back from doing YOUR work and pursuing YOUR path in the world?” – Rob Bell

These people are your “THEY”.

You may think things like…

“I’ll never have as nice a house as “THEY” do.”

“I’ll never be as put together as “THEY” are.”

“My kids will never act as respectfully as “THEIR’S” do.”

Take moment.

Think about your “THEY”.

Who are they?

Why are they your “THEY”?

You can love your “THEY” dearly.

“THEY” can be close friends and even family members.

You still may compare and despair.

Good news.

You can have thoughts that allow you to be happy for your “THEY” AND at the same time, be proud of YOU.

You’ve got to practice this skill and these thoughts.

It will not come easy at first.

Remind yourself of all YOU ARE.

“Who you AREN’T isn’t interesting.” – Rob Bell

Don’t rob yourself of your precious energy, time and joy comparing what you know about yourself with what you don’t know about “them”.

Who “THEY are isn’t interesting when it comes to who YOU ARE and what YOUR path is.

You can love, adore, admire, appreciate your “THEY” all you want.

But understand that “THEY” and “THEIR” lifestyle, clothes, car, house, home furnishings, children, dog, etc. has absolutely NADA to do with YOUR path, YOUR life, YOUR JAM.

Don’t let feelings of envy, jealousy, sadness, etc. overlap onto your path.

Keep your path clear of your thoughts and feelings about “THEM”.

Those thoughts are only obstacles in your way.

See those feelings for what they are – warning signals that you’ve drifted of your path and onto the “compare and despair expressway”.

Think of those feelings as those warning bumps you feel when you drift into another lane while driving.

When you feel them, they help get you back into YOUR LANE.

When you feel those emotions – say to yourself:

“Time to get back into my lane”


“My ‘THEY’ has gotten in my way.”


“Do these compare and despair thoughts serve me?”

Ask yourself why are you thinking the thoughts about your “THEY”?

Get to the heart of it.

Face it.

Deal with it.

Take control of understanding it.

Write it down.

Write the feelings that you feel and the thoughts that are driving those feelings within you.

Only then can you move towards NOT letting your “THEY” get in your way.

Contact me for support as you do this important work.


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