Which Path to Choose?

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“Do you see your life as something you create or do you see your life as something happening to you?” – Rob Bell

Think about that question for a moment…..

One view – YOU have the power.

YOU make the choices.

YOU generate the thoughts, which drive your feelings, which fuel your actions which produce your results.

What words come to mind?





The other view, where things are outside your control – you can only react to people, events, etc.

The only choice is to react.

What words come to mind?





Here’s the good news!

YOU can choose which of these views to believe.

It is a choice you make for yourself.

Which do you want to choose?

Which do you want to feel?

Empowered or victimized?

Productive or Reactive?

Positive or Stressed?

I know which choice I’d make… and it’s the one I choose multiple times a day / every day.

When I make that choice, I get my brain working on the thoughts that reinforce that choice.

I choose to be calm in the face of kid chaos today.

I choose not to feel slighted by the other moms at drop off today.

I choose not to get annoyed at my husband/wife/partner today.

I choose to show compassion and kindness to myself today.

Whatever the mom-choice your making for your life, know YOU are in the driver’s seat – NOT your circumstances, NOT your kids, NOT your partner.

NOT anyone or anything outside of YOU.

So, make YOU- choices every day and relish in the power you have over:

Your thoughts

Your feelings

Your actions

Your results


Need help navigating your path?  Contact me.  I’m here to help.


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