PRAISE for Your Mind Flashlight: A User’s Guide*


your mind flashlight cover

This is a much-needed book. So many of our children feel buffeted by busy schedules, cultural expectations, peer and academic pressures. The frustrating and overwhelming task of trying to succeed in these realms often leads to poor self-esteem and reduced motivation.

Stephanie Lambert has studied this childhood dilemma in her own boys and through a great deal of research and hands on experience. The result is a brilliant, practical guide to help young people find their own power. With the use of their “flashlight” they can let go of the “dark” thoughts of sadness, powerless, poor self-esteem and frustration, and shine the “light” on more positive cognitions. They can learn – in a very creative way – to substitute negative thoughts and feelings for brighter, stronger ideas and beliefs.

The clever illustrations and down-to-earth writing style make this a fun and effortless read. Although this book is intended for young people, I highly recommend it for parents and other adults as well. It provides a creative and effective tool to help our kids (and ourselves as well) become empowered in a complex world. – Martha Schlesinger, Ph.D and Licensed Psychologist


image24Your Mind Flashlight: A User’s Guide* is a really simple and fun way to empower kids to take control of their emotions instead of their emotions controlling them! The thoughtful approach Stephanie takes to make it relatable helps kids connect with what is being shared. Great book!” – Dhaarmika C., – Mom, President and Founder of Camp Kindness Counts


image3“Children struggling with anxiety, stress, depression and other challenges can instantly apply the concept of using their Mind Flashlight to “illuminate” and take back control of their thoughts and feelings. Stephanie’s message and step-by-step guide will help readers of all ages feel empowered in their lives!” – Amy G., Mom


image24Your Mind Flashlight: A User’s Guide* is a great book for my boys and I because it was easy for all of us to grasp the content and understand without being too lengthy. My kids and I appreciated the example scenarios, the illustrations and the practice sheets. This book is a great tool for our family.” – Stacey S., Mom


image3“My 9 year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Your Mind Flashlight. User’s Guide*. The simple, yet powerful ideas around mindset are so timely for my son at this age, and I am sure we’ll continue to reference this book as he gets older. The idea of the thoughts you don’t shine your flashlight on disappearing into the dark was very powerful for both of us and I know we’ll be chatting about this more as situations arise in daily life. Thank you for such a great book to start some very powerful family conversations!” – Alison O., Mom


image24“This book provides a fresh, new tool for understanding interpersonal power – at any age! A kid-friendly read with simple steps to illuminate your child’s path to successful social awareness and confidence.” – Karen R., Mom


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