So, I was taking a walk with my son and he was telling me about the astronomically large numbers used to measure the vastness of the galaxies in space. He had just done a unit on it and wanted to share his knowledge.

We were walking down the street in the suburb where we live and he says to me,

“Think of the galaxy as the size of this street.”

Then he picked up a small pebble, holds it between his fingers and lifts it to my eyes.

“This is the size of the planet Earth within the galaxy.”

It. Blew. My. Damn. Mind.

A little background…

I’m not super into science, math or numbers so large. Quite frankly, contemplating them usually makes my head hurt.

But how my son explained this “too big to comprehend” concept to me really clicked something BIG into place.

An Oprah-like A-Ha Moment, if you will.

Talk about PERSPECTIVE with a capital “P”.

I looked at the pebble.

Then I thought of the things I was stressed about that day….

“Is moving our kid out of public school to homeschooling the best thing?”

“Will my kid ever feel socially and emotionally confident and comfortable?”

“Will my younger son always struggle so much with writing?”

And on a greater scale…

“What current political craziness is happening today?”

“Why can’t our society be kinder to one another?”

“What kind of world are we leaving to our kids?”

And then I thought…

If the street is the galaxy….

And the pebble is the Earth….

I’m a sub-atomic speck on that pebble…

And my problems, concerns and stresses are sub, sub, sub…. (you get the picture) …sub-atomic specks on that pebble.


Since that walk and chat, I’ve made it a point to grab a pebble and put it in my pocket for the day.

When I feel like I’m starting to get ramped up….

When I feel like I’m rushing through my day…

When I feel stressed and anxious about what the future will bring….

I take out my pebble and roll it between my thumb and index finger

And my perspective instantaneously SHIFTS.

It is the cheapest and quickest form of therapy. 


It is effective AF.

I encourage you to do the same.

Take 2 seconds to find a pebble each day or keep one in a special spot.

Put it in your pocket each morning.

And when you feel like you’re getting anxious…

When you sense you are rushing around in a stressed and reactive state…

When your future fears are starting to settle over you like a storm cloud…

Take your pebble…

Roll it between your thumb and index finger…


PEBBLE THAT SHIT out of your mind.

You’ll be guaranteed to have a different perspective on whatever you are dealing with in your life


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