the BOLD Moms Mentorship

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As Your

BOLD Mom Mentor

I’m in your corner

I offer a neutral and fresh perspective

I help you discover what you can’t see

I bring FOCUS – it’s all about YOU and what YOU NEED

I follow up and keep you on track

There is great VALUE in spending time focused on


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FREE Mini BOLD Mom Mentorship Session

15 minute trial session
Let’s connect and address what’s on your mind
Come away with a new perspective to apply to your life

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Dose of BOLD Session

30 minutes of spotlight coaching
We’ll focus on one area where you’re needing specific support
Come away with a strategy for addressing the issue and a plan to MAKE IT BETTER
Kick Start Special: $25

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Honor Yourself Hour

60 minutes of YOU time.  YOU are the priority.  YOU are the focus.
Come away with a plan of action for making positive YOU-CENTERED changes
Kick Start Special: $50

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6 Dose of BOLD sessions (30 minutes each)

Kick Start Special: $150

6 Honor Yourself Hours (60 minutes each)
Kick Start Special: $300

Email Me to get started: