Have you wrestled with any of these differences and the challenges that can accompany them?

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The difference in our brains 

(female vs. male, developing vs. developed brain, risk takers vs. risk averse etc.)

bold star jpgThe difference in motivation, interests and passions

(From us as females and  from what society claims as acceptable/typical for boys)

bold star jpg The difference in the school experience

OURS (as girls with more PE and less rigorous demands) vs. THEIRS (as boys with less PE and more rigorous academic expectations at younger ages.)

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The difference in childhood and maturing

(How to relate with & support boys as they maneuver through puberty & social pressures)

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Differently wired boys (ADHD, on the spectrum, sensory processing, ODD, etc.)

(Get diagnosis or wait and see?
Medicate or not?)

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Different definitions of success and satisfaction

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Dealing with our boys’ natural action to pull away and become independent 

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