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I was inspired to create this focus on BOLD Moms of Men after seeing the recent Wonder Woman movie.

As a mom of boys, you are (or most likely will become) an expert on most things super-hero related.

Wonder Woman’s mission is to help save mankind through the power of love.

As BOLD Moms of Men we must demonstrate this super power.

First, we show the power of self-love and take care of ourselves.

We need to model that love of yourself is paramount to our future men.

Second, we must help develop their empathy muscle. Help them practice their skills to show love, kindness, respect and compassion to others.

This is powerful stuff. More powerful than all the fancy battle tech in Batman’s fully-stocked Batcave.

As BOLD Moms of Men we are uniquely equipped with this superpower.

Wonder Woman’s tools? No machine guns. No bombs. No light sabers.

Just a shield and the Lasso of Truth.


BOLD Moms of Men use our strong sense of self and our own self confidence as our shield.

Our shield is made strong by our focus on ourselves first – by making time for self-care, following our passions and generating our own happiness.

With this strong sense of self, we generate the confidence in ourselves not only as women, but as mothers who are uniquely qualified to assist our sons as they grow into men.

Our shield helps us to be strong in the face of the “compare and despair traps” both in the real world and on social media.

Our shield helps us to be consistent with our sons, giving them a clear understanding of our expectations of them and the sense of security that we care about them.


BOLD Moms of Men cut through the bullsh@#t layers of overly-indulgent materialism and society’s hyper focus on athletic, academic achievement and age inappropriate expectations.

We understand that true happiness and success is not built on these things.

BOLD Moms of Men know these truths:

Our sons’ happiness comes from within and is for them to generate – it is not something we can give them. It comes from their hard work and their ability to learn from their failures.

The best gift we can give to our future men is our own happiness. If we are fulfilled they are released from the pressure to try (in vain) to make us happy.

Our thoughts control our experience in this one life. These thoughts drive our feelings, actions and results. We have control over our thoughts. We can teach our sons so they may control their own thoughts and experience of their own lives.

The best model to build self-confident sons is to be a self-confident mom.

Our sons’ version of success and happiness is for them to decide.

We have given them life and they need to live it.

bold star with arrowBOLD Moms of Men see our sons’ true selves and accept them, strengths and faults, for who they are.

We accept them and help them enhance and build upon their strengths and guide them to bring forth their best selves.

Are you a BOLD Mom of Men?

Are you looking to develop your inner superhero?

Join me for training. It all starts with you.