the BOLD Moms of MEN


It’s a BOY!!! Oh boy!?

(What in the heck am I supposed to do with a boy?!?)

This in the question I asked myself as I saw the ultrasound announcing the gender of my first born.

Actually – the first thing I did was break down and cry after finding out.

Then, I saw all the touching mother / daughter moments that I would not be experiencing flash before me.

THEN, I asked the question, “What do I do with a boy?!?!”

I am the middle child of an all daughter family.

I had ZERO experience with brothers growing up, so I felt disoriented, confused, scared and… (insert any uncomfortable emotion HERE.)

Are you a mom that has felt that way?

My journey raising not one, but two boys (yep… no daughters here folks. I did take the gender reveal news much better the second time around) has brought challenges that are specific to moms raising future men.

Through my life coaching training, I’ve been able to address these unique challenges head on – BOLD Mom style – and I can help you do the same.

Raising boys into kind, caring, hard-working and happy men isn’t a battle to be hard fought, endured and won…

But enjoying the process and not losing yourself

within it takes

BOLD Mom Strength.

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