the BOLD Moms Manifesto

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BOLD Moms understand…

Self-care is NOT selfish care

The best gift I can give is my own happiness

My self-development is just as important as that of my kids

I control my thoughts which control my feelings, actions and results

I choose not to be a victim to events outside of my control

I know my life essentials and I make time and space for them daily

I know the essentials for my family and create time and space to honor them daily

I am strong and can hold my space in this world with confidence

I am a role model, not a friend, to my kids

I refuse to compare and despair

I have the tools within me to live the life I want

I parent with confidence and am focused on the long view not the short term

I value my identity as an individual first and foremost

I have many talents and gifts to share with the world