the BOLD Moms Mastermind


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1 hour at a time…

Let’s Get BOLD!


Join me to develop the tools to create and support your BOLD life.

In the BOLD Moms Mastermind I’ll cover the following topics:

Your BOLD Brain:

  • We’ll discuss the Model, where we understand our thoughts create our feelings, actions and results
  • We’ll talk about the importance of being present and how to reject future fears

Your BOLD Self:

  • We’ll discuss the importance of self-care
    • including using meditation, food as fuel, the importance of restorative rest, exercise / movement and social support
  • I’ll help you craft your BOLD essentials
    • you will envision your future self and address which trade offs and changes you need to make today to get you on the right path towards that future self

Your BOLD Backdrop

  • We’ll cover your personal environment including an introduction to minimalism, capsule wardrobes, organization hacks and more

Being a BOLD Mom

  • We’ll uncover the difference between short term goals and the long view picture of parenting
  • We’ll talk about the challenges of being a BOLD Mom and why it’s important to parent from a self-confident and BOLD place

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