Where are YOU on your list?

I know the feeling of not even making your own list.

As stay-at-home mom with two young sons, I felt like every moment of my waking hours was dedicated to someone else’s needs and wants.
I felt pressure to be the most dedicated mom, the most loving and supportive wife and the most caring and thoughtful daughter, sister and friend.

Talk about PRESSURE.

There was no time for me on the long list of to-do’s I created for myself.

I started feeling irritable, anxious and resentful.

I had lost touch with myself and my priorities for me and my life.

Life Coaching and Living BOLDLY

Life coaching has taught me how to shed some of the pressure I was feeling in my roles as mom, wife, daughter and sister.jumpoffnapawred

I’ve learned how to reconnect with myself again.

It has helped me to uncover my passions and my goals.

It has created within me the BOLDNESS to follow what I feel is truly my path to happiness and fulfillment.

Making time for me has only enhanced my connections with my family.

I invest in me first so I can live BOLDLY.

From my BOLD, confident, happy, satisfied and calm place, I can bring my best self forward as an individual and as mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Life coaching has helped me create the best life for myself and for those that I’ve worked with.

I can help you do the same.

It’s time to be appropriately selfish.

It’s time to put YOU ON TOP of your list.

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Want More?

I live in Redmond, Washington with my husband, my two young sons (both in elementary school now) and our chocolate German Shepherd, Lola

I’ve been featured in Macaroni Kid- Eastside Edition in their Parenting with a Purpose column and am a regular contributor under my column:  Motherhood, Interrupted.

I’ve created and write for a blog called Parenting on the Rocks which highlights the anti-Facebook, real-deal messy moments of parenting.

I love walking, hiking, reading a good book, brunching with girlfriends and anytime spent at Diamond Lake in Eastern Washington with my family.